Pastor Ron’s Corner

Make It A Great Day!

I recently read something from Pastor John Ed Mathison that I felt was worth passing on. So here it
is: One day I said to an individual, “Have a great day!” A friend was walking with me & later said,
“Let me suggest something to you. It’s ok to tell someone to have a

great day, but that can be a passive statement where we just sit back & hope to have a great day.
Wouldn’t it be better to say, ‘MAKE it a great day!’ There is intentionality in that. It means
there’s something you have to DO for the day to be great.”

I took his advice. Great days don’t just happen by chance. Great days occur when we ask for God’s
help. He does His part, and we do our part to make it a great day.

Each morning you have a fresh new day in front of you. It’s a great opportunity. The key to success
is not measured by how many days we live, but how much we live each day. The important thing is not
the quantity of days, but the quality of each day. We don’t know how many days we have to live, but
this is the best day to start asking God to help us make this day great.

We make a great day by making every minute count. A professor was going to a military base to
speak. He was met at the airport by a young man named Ralph. As they walked towards the baggage
claim, Ralph disappeared to help an older woman with her suitcase. He then paused to lift two
toddlers so that they could see Santa Claus. He then stopped to help an older gentleman find
directions to the baggage claim. Each time he came back smiling.

The professor asked him where he learned that. Ralph said, “During the war. My job was to clear
minefields, and I saw many friends die unexpectedly. I learned to live between steps. I never knew
whether the next step would be my last, so I had to get everything I could out of that moment
between picking up my foot & putting it down again.”

Life takes on a new dimension when we make every step count to fulfill the purpose for which God
created us. What we will be most remembered for is what we did with each moment, each step, & each
day that made a difference in somebody else’s life.

President George H. W. Bush died recently. About six years ago a secret service agent assigned to
his detail had a 2 year-old son who came down with leukemia. Through the treatment, the boy lost
his hair. Members of the secret service detail shaved their heads to show support for the little 2
year-old boy. Guess what? President H. W. Bush shaved his head, too!

Everyone said they had never witnessed such kindness, & it’s something they will never forget. What
people remember is not what you say, but what you do (how you make them
feel). Actions speak louder than words, it’s said. President Bush will be remembered for a lot of
things, but those guys in his protection detail will never forget this.
Let God help YOU make this a great day – unless you have different plans!

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